When carpeting needs to be repaired, the most practical approach is to patch it with a matching piece of donor carpet. This can be a remnant that has been set aside from the original installation or a new one from the store.

The best way to locate a donor area is to search around your house for areas where there is repair tools for carpets that has been cut out as a remnant. These are often in corners, inside closets, or under sofas and other furniture.

Repairing a small section of carpet can be an easy and affordable fix that’s great for home improvement projects or for people who just want to give their house a quick facelift. You don’t need a professional technician to perform this simple repair, but you do need some tools.

The Must-Have Tools for Repairing Your Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide

KOOLGLIDE, the revolutionary tool for remote activation of hot melt adhesive tapes, is a smart tool that calculates how thick your carpet is and puts out just enough heat to activate the adhesive beneath it. The induced current causes the surrounding hot melt adhesive to flow into the carpet backing, bonding it and making the seam strong and reliable.

Unlike the 30-year old hot iron method of carpet installation, KOOLGLIDE is safe for the user and uses an energy-efficient induction heating system to remotely heat the special hot melt adhesive tape placed underneath the carpet. This eliminates many of the problems associated with hot iron seaming. Major carpet mills, training facilities, and top installers endorse this technology.


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