If you have been struggling with a tendon injury, the right pain relief cream can help. Tendonitis can be painful and impact your daily life, but it can also be treated effectively with the right treatment. There are a few options available for treating this condition including over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, what is the best cream for tendonitis, and physical therapy.

To treat your tendonitis, you should start with an ice pack to reduce swelling and inflammation in the area. You should use this for 15 to 20 minutes every two to three hours during the day until it stops swelling. You can also apply a compression bandage or sleeve to help with the swelling and support the injured area. You should always remove the bandage or sleeve before going to bed, and make sure you keep the injured area elevated to help with the swelling.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Cream for Tendonitis Relief

Alternatively, you can use red-light therapy on your injured tendon to promote blood flow to the damaged tissue. This can be done at wellness clinics or using a smaller device that you can take home. If you do choose to use a red-light device, Dr. Connor suggests that you are consistent with your sessions, as this is what will bring the best results.

If your pain and swelling aren’t controlled with these home treatments, you may need to seek medical attention. A doctor can assess your symptoms and recommend the best course of action to help relieve your pain. They may also recommend a muscle pain rub with methyl salicylate, a common ingredient in oral aspirin products that helps to reduce pain. This topical cream is absorbed into the skin, so it may offer faster relief than traditional gels. It is also made without parabens and glycol, so it’s a good option for people with sensitive skin.


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