How Nicotine Pouches Affect Oral and Periodontal Health

nicotine pouches

As a new generation of American smokers seek to move away from cigarettes, many are turning to nicotine pouches, small sacks that deliver the addictive chemical without burning tobacco. But despite their increasing popularity, these “nicotine sticks” come with a host of risks. They can cause hiccups, gum damage, and even cardiovascular problems. They’re also easy to conceal, and videos of people popping them on TikTok and other social media platforms have racked up millions of views. Learn more:

A nicotine pouch typically consists of a white pouch filled with nicotine, water, flavorings, sweeteners, and plant-based fibers. These materials are then wrapped in a permeable pouch to absorb and release nicotine as it dissolves. Some brands, including Zyn and On!, offer flavors like mint, coffee and citrus. Other products, such as snus, contain fermented tobacco and require users to suck on the product.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Pouch: Factors to Consider

While it’s too early to know how these products will impact overall health, researchers expect them to be safer than cigarette smoke, since they do not contain cancer-causing carcinogens or other toxic substances. However because they can still deliver high levels of nicotine and are easily abused, it’s important to understand how they may impact oral and periodontal health.

Moreover, it’s vital to examine whether the marketing and sale of these products undermine attempts to quit more risky forms of tobacco use. This includes understanding the transition time for current users of more risky tobacco to switch over to pouches, and how these products are used to support nicotine replacement therapy goals.


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