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Children’s falls are not uncommon in playgrounds, but the right surfacing can prevent minor accidents from becoming severe injuries. The best surface can help keep kids safe by absorbing impact from jumping and falling over equipment or even walking across sharp edges on swings and climbing frames.

Whether you are looking for safety playground surfacing Surrey Surrey to cover an existing playground or are installing a new play area from scratch, there is a surface out there for your needs. Wet pour, rubber mulch, artificial grass and tarmac all have customizable options for coloration and design to match your chosen style.

Choosing the Safest Playground Surfacing in Surrey: A Comprehensive Guide

A popular choice, wet pour surfacing is available in a range of colors and shapes to create bespoke designs for playgrounds. It’s also one of the most affordable options. It is a two-tier system that includes a shock pad layer made of 2-6mm rubber granules mixed with polyurethane resin. This is designed to meet critical fall heights for swings, climbers and slides.

Wet pour is a durable surface that looks great and comes with a warranty for 5 years. It is also suitable for people with mobility devices and wheelchairs, making it the ideal choice for schools.

If you’re on a budget, consider recycled rubber mulch or interlocking resilient tiles. They’re easy to install and look similar to natural turf but offer much better shock absorption. They’re also able to withstand heavy use and require little maintenance.


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