The Impact of Online Gaming on Digital Literacy Skills in Adolescents

In the past, video gaming has been regarded as a tool for improving kids and teens’ learning performance, sociability, creativity and entertainment. However, excessive use of online gaming can lead to addiction and negatively affect the teenagers’ academic performance and mental health. Therefore, it is important to guide adolescents to use online gaming in a healthy and safe way. This link เริ่มชนะที่ www.UFABET:

The current study aims to explore the effect of online gaming on cyber wellness literacy in adolescents by implementing a role-playing game approach. At the beginning of the experiment, students in the experimental group performed a pre cyber wellness literacy questionnaire and then participated in the role-playing game lesson on how to prevent Internet addiction, while students in the control group learned the same lessons without a digital game. Then, they completed a post cyber wellness literacy questionnaire and also responded to questions about learning motivation and engagement.

The Impact of Online Gaming on Digital Literacy Skills

Findings from the statistical analysis showed that there was a positive association between cyber wellness literacy and learning motivation and engagement in school, in accordance with the previous literature. In addition, the relationship between online gaming and gaming addiction was moderated by student learning engagement. Conclusion: Hierarchical multiple regression was used to examine the direct and indirect effects (moderation and mediation) between the variables. The results indicated that digital competence has a protective factor against gaming addiction and risky online behaviours such as cyberbullying and cybervictimization, controlling for gender and family SES index. Furthermore, it was found that students’ learning engagement mediates the relationships between digital competence and gaming addiction and the impact of online gaming on gaming addiction and cyberbullying/cybervictimization.


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