twin fitted sheet

When it comes to twin fitted sheet , cotton has long been the go-to fabric. But if you’re looking for a sheet that’s more soft, breathable and comfortable, we recommend switching to something made with lyocell or viscose.

Bamboo rayon (also called bamboo-derived viscose) is also a popular choice. It’s soft, breathable and wicks moisture, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

Choosing the Right Fitted Sheet

The best fitted sheets fit your mattress perfectly. That means they don’t fall down, snag on furniture or get tangled around the edges of the box spring. To make sure you’re getting the perfect size, take measurements of your mattress and write them down.

How to Choose the Perfect Twin Fitted Sheet: A Complete Guide

If you’re unsure of the correct size, try this trick: Remove any other sheets from your bed and measure the width and length. This way, you can compare them to the sizing information on the fitted sheet you’re thinking of buying.

In general, the larger the size of your fitted sheet, the more snug it will be to your mattress. That’s why we recommend choosing a set that’s slightly larger than the dimensions you took for your existing sheets.

How to Fold a Twin Fitted Sheet

The elastic corners on fitted sheets can be hard to fold, but it’s actually quite simple. Once you’ve mastered the basic folding technique, you’ll be ready to tackle the more complex ones. Watch our video tutorial below to learn how to fold your sheet like a pro.


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