One of the Top IGCSE Tuition Centres in Singapore

If you want your child to excel and make the most out of their IGCSE studies, you should engage top-notch tutors. But before that, you should carefully choose the tuition centre that will be best suited to your needs.

Which tuition Centre is good for English?

One of the best tuition for IGCSE centres in Singapore is Math Academy. This tuition centre is made up of passionate teachers and examiners who aim to help students achieve their academic dreams by bringing out their full potential.

The centre aims to build a strong foundation in Mathematics and boost confidence in its students, which has resulted in many successful results. The team of dedicated and experienced tutors also utilises a “Plug-the-Gaps” technique, which tailors each lesson to suit each student’s learning ability and challenges.

They offer classes for Primary, Secondary and JC level students as well as Integrated Programme (IP) students. The centre teaches the CIE Cambridge syllabus to ensure all students have a solid base in the subject.

Moreover, they provide an effective revision program to maximize students’ learning. The centre specializes in Maths, English, Chinese and Physics tuition for IGCSE.

In addition, they also offer specialised training to help students prepare for their IB diploma and A-level exams. Their teaching methods are proven to help their students gain a competitive edge and improve their chances of obtaining admission into prestigious universities in the UK and the US.

This tuition centre is run by a group of professional and committed teachers who have been in the industry for more than ten years. They are experts in their subjects and understand the examinations. They have experience teaching children with special needs such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism.


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