Gordon Ryan Steroids – Is Ryan Using Performance Enhancing Drugs?

gordon ryan steroids

Gordon rRyansteroids  is one of the most renowned athletes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with a long list of achievements including multiple ADCC and No-Gi world championships and an Eddie Bravo Invitational victory. The American grappling sensation has also earned a huge following on social media for his incredibly ripped physique. His impressive physical transformation, however, has raised eyebrows over whether he might be using performance-enhancing drugs.

The question of Gordon Ryan’s steroids has been the subject of discussion in the jiu-jitsu community as the 27-year-old continues to dominate the sport. His jaw-dropping body change has led many fans to suspect that he might be using steroids, but the truth is not as simple as that. Many different factors can influence the appearance of a person, and analyzing the whole context is essential for reaching an objective conclusion.

Debunking the Controversy: Gordon Ryan and the Steroid Allegations

According to Gordon, his dramatic weight loss is a result of health complications and an auto-immune stomach disorder. In addition, he has been dealing with tonsillitis and a recent operation on his throat. He claims that these issues have prevented him from training as much as he would like to.

Ryan has been the subject of criticism by former teammate and 2022 ADCC finals opponent Nick Rodriguez, who calls out the American for allegedly taking steroids. The two have been locked in a war of words on social media as the two grapplers are in a heated rivalry for top spot in the no-gi division.


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