can solar panels heat house

The large black solar panels you see on roofs across Ireland are made up of a number of silicon semiconductors which convert sunlight into electricity. These semiconductors are connected together to form modules which are then connected in series or parallel to achieve the desired current capability (amperes). Solar systems can provide both electricity and heat for your home if you have a heating system that is powered by electricity. However, if you are aiming to completely cut out fossil fuel use in your home, then it will be necessary to install good insulation and to adopt a heat pump installation instead. URL

While it is true that solar energy systems generate less electricity in winter, a good quality system should be able to cover most of your household energy requirements. In addition to this, you can also use a battery storage system or sign up for a net metering deal with your utility provider so that you can benefit from solar power at night and on cloudy days.

Solar PV Panels in Ireland: Your Path to Clean and Sustainable Energy Solutions

Although it is a common misconception that solar panels make houses hotter, this simply depends on how they are positioned and what type of system you have installed. Modern solar technology has been designed with extra shading and insulation built in which can reduce any additional thermal energy and help mitigate the creation of hot spots beneath your solar panels.

In addition, it is important to have good attic and cavity wall insulation, which will prevent the sun’s warmth from dissipating through your roof space. This will also improve your energy efficiency, so that you can get more heat from your solar system.


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