liquid rubber roof coating is a cost-effective solution for refreshing commercial and industrial roofs. It offers superior durability and strength, as well as an effective water barrier to protect against leaks. It’s also an effective fire-retardant, reducing the risk of building fires and the damage associated with them.

It’s an excellent choice for metal, hypalon single-ply, EPDM rubber single-ply, spray polyurethane foam and modified bitumen (BUR) roofs, as it’s designed to adhere and resist cracking and damage due to high temperatures. Additionally, it withstands UV rays and chemicals. It’s important to apply this type of coating in mild weather conditions, avoiding rain chances, wind, or extreme heat or cold.

Liquid Rubber Roof Coating: Protection and Durability

The application process starts with surface preparation to ensure the base coat adheres properly. In addition, a thorough inspection for damage should be conducted and areas marked for protection, if necessary. Then, the product is applied using a roller or brush to create a seamless, long-lasting membrane. Once dry, the final layer is topped with Premathane top coat to form a comprehensive protective barrier.

This versatile material is used for several applications, including roof restorations, as a topcoat over other materials, and for mending small spots. It’s also safe for applicators, being VOC-free and nontoxic. Moreover, it’s suitable for almost any surface, able to withstand heavy foot traffic and years of consistent weather exposure. It’s also waterproof, preventing ponding water 365 days a year. It even contains a mindewcide to help deter the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring it lasts longer.


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